officeSince the introduction of the New Apprenticeship Standards in 2017, Linden have seen an uplift in the number of learners looking to maximise on their employer’s investment, by enrolling onto one of our specialist Management Apprenticeship programmes.

The Level 5 Operations / Departmental Manager Apprenticeship Standard has proven particularly popular.  This advanced apprenticeship programme is aimed at senior leaders looking to develop their skills, knowledge and behaviours in all aspects of management, leadership and organisational strategy.

Here we have an insight from Kristina, a Linden learner who has recently completed the Level 5 Apprenticeship:

Kristina, what was the best part of your Apprenticeship journey? 

“Great learning materials were provided by Linden; the online portal was very easy to use, and a clear assignment completion process was defined. I received clear to do lists from my trainer Claire at the end of each session, which helped me to stay on track.”

What level of work was involved? 

“I worked through the required assessments and exams at a convenient time, most of my portfolio was completed during working hours, with just a few hrs. required outside of work – I was keen not to lose my own free time with my family.”

How did you find the interaction with your Trainer?

“Claire was wonderful, for me she was the key of my success, we met regularly and had a clear progress plan, she was very helpful and understanding, friendly and easy to talk to.”

How did you find The End Point Assessment process and how you feel now you have completed your Apprenticeship?

“It was a very long day of interviews, but this was my favourite part because I had to sit back and answer questions.

The test was relevant to my role and not too complicated.  I had plenty of time to go and double check my answers.

Looking back, I would rather sharpen and shorten my presentation because there was no time to go through to all pages.”

Linden are thrilled to announce that Kristina achieved a Distinction grade on completion of her Level 5 apprenticeship. Massive congratulations to both Kristina and her Trainer Claire on this wonderful achievement!

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