Many employers are upskilling their workforce and future proofing the skills gaps within their businesses by employing apprentices for the first time. Employing an apprentice is easier than you think, there’s financial support from the Government and the team at Linden Management are here to provide all the training and onboarding support you need.

The employers process for hiring an Apprentice just got easier.

From 1st April 2021, all newly registered apprenticeships will be managed and funded using an online Apprenticeship Service Account. This online step-by-step process not only cuts out the hard copy paperwork, but manages the progress of your apprentice appointment and also ensures that you receive the appropriate Government funding without delay. All of which is done with the support of your chosen apprenticeship training provider.

How does the Apprenticeship Service Account work?

The process of employing an apprentice has been streamlined as a result of this online apprenticeship account. The following 7 steps takes you through the apprenticeship service journey, at the end of which you will have a newly appointed apprentice employee.

Step 1 – As an employer, you have identified the benefits of employing an apprentice to your organisation are exactly what you need to future proof your growth and workforce skill development.

Step 2 – You have contacted your chosen apprenticeship provider – simply by clicking on this link: who has taken the time to understand your business, talk you through the apprenticeship process, helped you identify the correct apprenticeship course that will meet your business objectives and offered their professional advice on the appropriate funding available to you.

Step 3 – You will be required to register and set up an employer account with the Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS).  This central portal allows you to manage all aspects of apprenticeships including reserving funding for new apprentices, setting up a new apprentice, nominating a training provider etc.  This is also where you will find further details on how to apply for the Governments Apprenticeship Incentive Grants.

Step 4 – The Linden Management team can support you with the creation of a job advert suitable for your chosen apprenticeship, ready for you to conduct the application interviews and appoint the best candidate for your business.

Step 5 – Your chosen apprentice starts their job with you. Linden Management will seek final approval using the DAS system which releases funds to pay for the apprenticeship training.  Up to 100% funding is available towards the cost of apprenticeship training – the level of funding you will receive is dependant on the size of your business.  The team at Linden Management will be able to advise what level of funding you will be eligible for.

Step 6 – Your Apprenticeship begins!

Step 7 – It’s time to apply for any apprenticeship incentives you may be eligible for.  There is no better time to consider enrolling any new employees onto an apprenticeship.  From 1st April 21 to the 30th September 21 employers will be able to claim a £3,000 incentive payment.

The onboarding process for your new apprentice is now complete. As your dedicated training provider, Linden Management will be in constant touch with you as the apprentice employer and the apprentice themselves to ensure that their apprenticeship training experience is as thorough and as flexible as possible to meet the demands of your business.

If you have identified that employing an apprentice will help with the development and growth of your business, then Linden Management are here to support you. Contact Rebecca today to discuss your apprenticeship training needs, and the first steps you need to take to set up your Apprenticeship Service Account.