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Our Learning and Development qualifications are where you will look to upskill and equip apprentice learners with the skills to support training and development across the workplace.

Lindens suite of Learning and Development apprenticeships are designed to support the needs of your business, by offering the opportunity to upskill existing staff or appoint workplace specialists, that will support training and development across the workplace.


Learning Mentors support learners of all ages, and abilities, to develop within a new work role.  These learners may be, for example, apprentices, trainees or new recruits in the workplace, or in any vocational learning environment. 

Learning Mentors will have sector-specific experience and qualifications, as determined by their employer or professional body, which they use to guide and advise those who are less experienced and new to a work role.


The Assessor Coach role has emerged as a result of the implementation of vocational qualifications and formalised work-based education and training. The Assessor Coach is a ‘dual profession’, utilising up-to-date professional knowledge and skills to support vocational and professional development.

Coaching skills involve complex communication techniques to actively listen, provide feedback and to engage learners in planning their individualised learning programme. These skills are also integral to assessing learners’ competence in-relation to work-related/industry standards and life skills. 

Learning & Development Practitioners are typically involved with identifying learning / training needs, designing / sourcing training and learning solutions, delivering and evaluating training, and working with stakeholder / business area managers.  The role focus is often on the practical delivery of training.  The L&D Practitioner is future focused, understands the business context / culture and has a good grounding across the whole training and learning cycles. 



Linden works well with our organisation to review individual Apprentices progress and to plan their future training needs taking into account the objectives and outcomes you expect.

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