BUILD THE FUTURE is the theme for this years’ National Apprenticeship Week which the team here at Linden Management are proud to be supporting, encouraging employers to build a workforce with future ready skills through the development of the skills and knowledge of apprenticeships.

National Apprenticeship Week 2021

The build the future campaign of National Apprenticeship Week showcases the impact apprenticeships can have on businesses through a TRAIN, RETAIN and ACHIEVE approach.

  • The futureproofing of an employer’s workforce or an individual’s career through an apprenticeship.
  • Enabling employers to build a future talent-pool of their workforce through the development of skills and knowledge of individuals, the values of your business and the impact that these individuals will have on your business.
  • Highlighting how apprenticeships can transform the future of your business and the career progression available to individuals.

Linden Management are training and apprenticeship specialist providers, working with employers throughout England delivering apprenticeship training to future-proof their workforce through the development of skills and knowledge of apprenticeship employees.

If you are an employer and considering taking on an apprentice, or wish to use the apprenticeship route to upskill your existing workforce to BUILD THE FUTURE then don’t hesitate to contact: to find out more.