Remote Education Statement


In the event that a learner should need to self-isolate or that local restrictions are imposed, Linden Management will continue to provide learning and training via remote learning platforms.

MS Teams will be used to support delivery of remote learning sessions. If the employer/learner software does not support MS Teams, we will work with the IT department to identify an alternative solution.

Scheduled delivery will be sustained through remote sessions and adapted learning materials. Resources will be adapted to make best use of digital technology to provide high standards of blended learning.

Remote learning will be schedule on an individual basis and support planned to maintain attainment of knowledge, skills and behaviours. Learners will be able to maintain progress while attending remote learning sessions.

Where specialist equipment and specific learning environments are required for learning, learners will be supported to use technology along with alternative methods of learning until such a time that they are able to re-enter the normal learning environment.

Should learners require IT facilities to support remote learning, Linden Management will work with the learner and employer to ensure that learning is not disrupted as a result of limited access to equipment.