Linden Management are proud to be offering a Level 7 Apprenticeship that supports the training and development of Managers and Senior Leaders within businesses.

This 24-month course combines the Apprenticeship Standard and the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) Level 7 Diploma. It has been designed to enable existing and aspiring senior managers to create an organisational and personal impact within business, through the application of theoretical frameworks.

Who are these qualifications for?

The level 7 senior leader programme is an excellent opportunity for those working in small, medium or large companies and who have senior management responsibility.

Irrespective of the size of business, senior leaders are key in managing, supporting and leading other members of the workforce. In addition to this, they are instrumental in providing clear, inclusive, direction and leadership within their area of responsibility of the organisation.

Typically, the senior leaders that will benefit from the Level 7 Apprenticeship will be involved in setting, monitoring and managing a set of core objectives that are aligned to the overriding strategic objectives of the business in which they work. In smaller organisations, these same leaders (or managers) will contribute to the execution and achievement of the strategic objectives.

Within the day-to-day functionality of their role, these senior leaders and managers will interact with a wide cross-section of key internal stakeholders. The environments in which they work is likely to be varied, include a high level of flexibility and more recently, increased adaptability to meet the changing needs of the business according to external influences.

Responsibilities of Senior Leaders and Managers thinking about the Level 7 Apprenticeship.

The typical responsibilities of someone thinking about developing their skills through the new qualification includes (but not exhaustive):

  • Provide clear and inclusive leadership to other employees
  • Set direction and continue to support with the vision, governance and sense of purpose for their area of responsibility within the organisation.
  • Resource accountability for people, assets, facilities and departmental budgeting.
  • Developing an innovative, ethical and supporting culture to ensure that they are able to get the best from people and able to deliver the expected level of results.
  • Identify from internal intelligence and external influences, long-term opportunities and risks.
  • Adapting and responding to change through an agile transformation leadership style.
  • Championing innovation and highlighting future opportunities.
  • Responding and managing immediate crisis situations.
  • Developing, promoting and leading sustainable business practices.


What support will the candidates receive?

Throughout the 24-month course, candidates will receive expert tuition from the Linden Management team. This includes both group and individual study workshops, information to support their development within the workplace, and guidance and advice to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours required for a successful completion of the course.

The candidates will be expected to attend specialist workshops, complete assignments, conduct high-level research and demonstrate their application and understanding of the course.

Before the EPA (End Point Assessment), the candidates will be required to compile a portfolio of evidence that they will use within the final stages of the course and help with their EPA.

The End Point Assessment itself consists of:

  • A presentation and questioning based on the candidate’s strategic business proposal.
  • A professional discussion that is underpinned by the portfolio of evidence.

The Qualification.

On the successful completion of the course, the candidates will receive an ILM Level 7 Diploma in Leadership and Management along with a Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship Standard.

Successful candidates will be recognised as a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and either a Chartered Manager or Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

If you would like more information, on how this training could support the senior leaders and managers within your business, please do not hesitate to contact Rebecca Smith, Client Relationship Manager on: